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Tailored Portfolio Development & Management

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  • Our experience in world-wide patent portfolio management ensures our clients gain and keep protection in their key markets.
  • We enable our clients to focus on their technology and business as our technical professionals quickly identify the key patentable aspects of our client's technology.
  • Take advantage of our knowledge of the patent process so you can concentrate on your technology!


Patent Search The first practical step to getting your patent started is a U.S. patent search. Results from this search will identify if your invention is already covered and will set the stage for how broad your patent coverage can be.

Provisional Patent Applications We can get you a quick filing date so you can launch your product or service.

Utility Patent Applications We spend the time to learn your technology to get you full 20 year patent applications.

Design Patent Applications With our excellent support staff we can often obtain an issued design patent with 12-18 months.

Patent Portfolio Management We can manage your worldwide intellectual property portfolio to ensure it continually matches business goals and budgets.

Trademarks Do you have a logo or name? We search for conflicts and get your mark filed to enjoy protection.

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