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My Patent Resource is one of America's most business friendly firms. My Patent Resource has been offering real-world intellectual property solutions for over 15 years. Our extensive knowledge and experiences will guide you through the patent application process, as well as allowing you to budget your intellectual property portfolio costs by breaking them into much smaller and more manageable monthly line items.

The number of patent infringement lawsuits increased by 30 percent during 2012 compared with the year before, reaching the highest level ever recorded, according to the 2013 Patent Litigation Study by PricewaterhouseCoopers. It is clear that the increase in litigation is a result of the patent troll business model.

Here at My Patent Resource, our goal is to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses to be competitive by allowing them to continue to develop their intellectual property, and enabling a fighting chance in the event of litigation. Since the America Invents Act has taken effect, it is more important than ever to file patent applications in a timely manner.

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